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At Ridgeland Appliance Repair of Ridgeland, we deliver the best quality service at an astronomical value. We ensure that any appliance big or small, major brand or antique model will be operating just as new all year round.


They have been a household name and we haven't had a customer who hasn't come in with one of their appliances at some point.

They're proven to work more efficiently than most products and only need minor tweaks in order to get back to top tier quality.


We like to work with the best and here at Ridgeland Appliance Repair Frigidaire is always mentioned amongst the best when it comes to refrigerators. Our techs are very experienced with handling these quality products and keeps these bad boys running well beyond their warranty.


Known for their customer support, Bosch is also a major player in the dishwashing circuit. Their other appliances stack up very well too. If you want your time-saving dishwasher repaired and diagnosed correctly then Ridgeland Appliance Repair is who you want to call.


Life is in fact very good when you purchase a product from LG. Everything from their kitchenware to laundry line is sleek, efficient and just pure quality when it comes to value.

Your issues will seem very small when you give us a call and realize that most of the repairs for these products are simple fixes we can guide you through.


Whirlpool is the parent brand of Maytag. It's some of the most common cases we see. Appliance repair is inevitable but the fact so many people use Maytag shows what they're about.

Their warranties last a decade at the least and they ensure you get the most out of what you buy.

Not as common, but their kitchen appliances are also of very high quality. They're built for durability whether it be mass cooking for thanksgiving or a cookout you can rest easy knowing your helpers can handle it. We are who you need to do the heavy lifting when things go south.


If you're a fan of quality culinary cuisine or worked in a restaurant then you know most of their refrigeration appliances are Viking. They're one of the best in the heavy-duty sector of appliances and are trusted for a reason.


They're known mostly for their excellent phones and other electronics but Samsung has been secretly eating up the market share in kitchen appliances as well. Their smart fridges are taking the world by storm. Combining their excellent tech, customer support, and durability, the rest of their competition seriously has something to be scared of.


They may not be as well known as some other giants but Amana gets the job done. Their bread and butter of home appliances are eco-friendly and energy-efficient to save you money on the back end as well. Customers are relieved when we can help them when others can't.

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Wind, dry heat or maybe even some snow - we are here to help. Our trusted team of licensed and experienced techs can help you diagnose problems from the comfort of your home and possibly fix them without having to come in. Our customer service is what has taken us so far and we don't plan on changing.